Day One: Madison to Marquette

June 20, 2016

With the dogs at their doggie resort for the next week and the cats left at home for our neighbor to feed, we left for “Da Yew Pea.”

Took 151 up to Oshkosh, I-41 up through Green Bay and to Marinette where we stopped at a Walgreens to buy some mouthwash and sunscreen that I forgot. Stan found a cactus as an impulse buy item–one of those grafted kind they sell to unknowledgeable non-cactus people–he thought maybe he could rescue the grafted “head” and re-root it. He has done this successfully with maroon colored grafts because they have enough chloroform to survive without the green “stalk”, but alas, this cactus wasn’t long for the world. But it did have the time of its life in its dying days touring the UP.

Much fun was had on the shores of Lake Michigan, my birthlake. The sand was bloody hot. Not just warm, I mean nearly scalding. Even in flip flops. Fortunately no harm was done, and the lake was so refreshing to wade in. Look at the pictures, even the lake is burning red. Actually, it’s colored from (possibly?) minerals leaching out of the soil, or tannins leaching out of the pine trees along the shores.


Went to Wells State Park, where we decided to invest in a Michigan Passport to see its state parks. If you plan to see 4 or more parks, it will pay for itself.


Took 41 up to Marquette across the UP interior. Very rustic.

Spent the night at the Econolodge outside of Marquette, and had a pasty (PAST-ee) for the first time. Damn you clear skies giving me uninteresting sunsets on Lake Superior!!!


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