Day Two: Marquette to Munising

June 21, 2016

The whole point of this trip was to pay homage to the Jasper Knob in Ishpeming. Of course, nothing goes as planned. Following instructions gathered from various sources on teh internets, we found our way to the area where Jasper Knob was located. But everything appeared to be on private land, and we found no easy public access point to hike up the hill. Jasper Knob was a bust.

We headed over toward Munising where we booked the Beach Inn. We stopped at various stops on the way on the shores of Lake Superior. The sand was comfortably warm and very soft. The water was chilly–too cold to wade. Maybe in August some time.

We visited Munising Falls…

…and hiked through a Marsh boardwalk, capturing lots of nature sounds on our iPhones with Live Pictures. Too bad it doesn’t translate here.

We saw Miner’s castle from the paths above. We didn’t take the long treks, so the views are from the distance. The sand down on Miner’s Beach was great.

We tried to get tickets for Pictured Rocks cruises, but they were sold out for the day, so we got them for the next.

For lunch/dinner we got take-out at Johnny Dogs. Hot dogs aren’t exactly my first choice of food. Or even my 12th or 29th choice. Blame it on torturous childhood meals with hot dogs of cheap, inferior quality meat and cooked too crisp. I’m gagging just thinking about it. Down south here in Wisconsin we love brats (I’m very picky about brats, however, and hate the gristly ones…Usingers are my favorite), and a brat isn’t really a hot dog. But given the extremely limited choice of places to eat, I asked myself, “What would Tony (Anthony Bourdain) do? Knowing his proclivity toward meat in a tube, the answer came to me. Johnny Dogs. I had the Guada La Jara Dog: Pico de gallo, avocado, lime sour cream and cilantro. It was a really tasty dog. Stan had a Chicago Dog. They even had a Boston Terrier Dog, but despite my love for the breed (because I have one), I decided not to because, well, beans. They had a pig roaster in the front of the restaurant, so you know it’s the real deal. I’d even eat there again!

Spent the night in Munising at the Beach Inn. Gorgeous sunsets. Sunset and sunrise photos are like potato chips–you can’t take just one.



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