Day Three: Munising to St. Ignace

June 22, 2016

Took the Pictured Rock Cruise, first cruise of the morning. It would have been better to see it later in the day. An evening sunset cruise would have been wonderful, but they were all booked up the day prior, and we didn’t have time to stay another day

I love how they look like abstract paintings. My paintings actually.

Unlike the cruises we took to the Apostle Islands in previous years, there were NO snacks to buy on the boat! By the time we got to the car, we were famished and snarfed down some car snacks. We stopped by some roadside waterfalls (Alger Falls) just outside of town on our way south to St. Ignace.

I had quite an appetite by the time we got to town where I ordered whitefish livers at The Galley Restaurant. Get there early for dinner…before 4pm, because that’s when the busses bring the geri-tours. (I guess I’m not far from that myself!)

We stayed at the Bavarian Inn Hotel. It was wonderful–I loved our ocean Lake Huron view with the lakeshore area on the hotel property where you could walk around and look at the seabirds and plants. Even though the motel faced the east, sunsets were still wonderful.


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