Day Six: Manistique to Madison

June 25, 2016

Still wiped out and sun overdosed from the day before, we decided not to walk the Manistique boardwalk. Anyway, I think it would be more fun to RIDE the boardwalk on bikes. Another time.


There is so much more we wanted to do, but our time was limited. Had we another week, we would have gone to Grand Marais before we went to St. Ignace. We also would have crossed the Mackinac and gone to Rockport and Petoskey State Park and look for Petoskey stones. I also would love to stay at the “resort” hotel in Paradise. Maybe the water is warmer there because it’s on the eastern side of the peninsula, and protected by land?

We’d also like to get back to Copper Harbor some day, spend more time beachcombing for rocks. I miss not being able to go to my Wisconsin favorite places too: The Chequamegon hotel in Ashland and The Algoma Beach Motel. I miss eating the soup they serve at the Cheq and the restaurant we discovered a couple years ago in Algoma, Skaliwags.

I don’t know when I’ll get back UP there, but I found a new Best Place to Stay: St. Ignace.


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